Selecting the right phone, internet, and multi-site connectivity can be a daunting challenge.  With acronyms like SIP, PRI, MPLS, DIA, and others, it is no wonder that selecting the proper solution is a daunting task.

Are you being sold something that is the right solution?  Are all of the proposals that you received equivalent to each other? Will your phone system work with the service that you just signed a 3 year agreement on?  These are just some of the pitfalls that come with navigating the carrier services industry.  

Commlinq Technologies can help.  We speak telecom, but we would rather speak to you about the soultions you hope to achive.  When we know what your goals are, we can select the top carriers that will support your solution and work with you on selecting the best option.  

The logos on this page represent some of the companies we regularly work with on behalf of our customers.

Network Services